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True... and who can you really trust? Ever talked with someone and you just know ...they are not going to do what they say they will....that their intentions don't match yours? Not a good feeling.-JPR

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Be You, Not Them

Bc at the end of the day people have to realize that nothing said in response will make a difference.... You may know that your intentions were pure... The other person will never believe it. All that matters is that you know who you are. And I know who I am - good, bad, indifferent- I know myself. Sometimes silence is the only response needed. I don't need to justify myself. My actions speak (and will continue to speak) much louder than anything I could've said anyhow.

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I,m not sure if I want any man. I need a man who will stand behind me and never say I give up on you. Because I have heard "I give up"this before so many times. Its better to be alone than always think where I stand.

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... Incredibly difficult to change your self-talk. It will take work but my goodness is it ever worth it!! Stick with it for a year, just try to give yourself grace and have compassion. A dip comes... gently say 'Oh course you would go back to old patterns, that doesn't mean you are that old person still, you are growing and are brave for continuing to fight.'

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Pure intentions simply shine through. You dont have to tell people what youre NOT doing; it should be clear by virtue of what you ARE doing. Look at it this way: when you want to do something kind for a friend you will tailor your approach to the individual and act in a way that will translate as a kind act to that particular friend. If we have to tell them this is me trying to be kind to you weve sort of missed the boat. Its also a good way to gauge IF our intentions are honourable in the…

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2 Girls, 1 Year, 730 Moments to Share: Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you.

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