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Fitting in is often very important to young girls. As she matures, and with your support, she will work out which friends are “good” for her and which aren’t so good. You can help her identify what makes her unique, and give her the confidence to be herself and appreciate diversity in others. See how here. Join us—create your own self-esteem board using #SelfEsteemProject.

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'Who Hired A Stripper?' This Female Welder Proves Why We Still Need Feminism In 2015

I need feminism because..."Who hired a stripper?" --- This really sucks. I am so angry for her. It is way too common for women to be compared to strippers or prostitutes, no matter what profession, as if that's all women are good for.

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Just give her a kiss. Wish her good luck. And, thank her for showing you that you can love more than one person in this life. ― Before We Go.

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Psylocke's Costume in X-men: Apocalypse was originally intended to be all black but Olivia Munn demanded they make it purple like the traditional costume. Good for her making sure there is some accuracy!

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I loved her for this. She saw that the doctor wasn't good for her, and left on her own terms. The doctor doesn't always have to be admired. #doctorwho #martha

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One Week in Kauai Itinerary

I have been to Kauai. It was the best family vacation we ever took. Of the 3 islands we visited, Kauai was my favorite. It is breaktakingly beautiful with its many waterfalls, beaches, horticulture, and recreational activities.

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Liesl Pfeffer combines her photographs to create abstract nature-inspired collages. One could label her work as “mixed media”, though she’s given herself the title of “photo-media artist”.

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The time I cried the most Poor lolly I hope there's something good for her in the future

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