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15 Couple Costumes So Awkward, You'll Wish You Were Consciously Uncoupling

There's no question that deciding on a cute-but-not-cliche-but-also-creative Halloween ensemble can be a pretty tough call. But there are some couple costume ideas out there that are just plain wrong and should be avoided at all costs (no, seriously).

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Indiana Jones and Lara Croft - Dorkly Picture (great,cos play,couple,adventure's ahead,go for it,well matched,lara croft,tomb raider,indiana jones,and the temple of doom,games,movies)

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DIY Halloween: Film Noir Grayscale Costume

DIY Halloween: Film Noir Grayscale Costume. Clare Hwæt Wilson: "They missed a very important part of any gray/blue skin character-- tooth color. They need to be WHITE or they look extra yellow. (I learned this from Farscape.)

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James Potter, Lily Evans and Remus Lupin, Holiday in the Hogsmeade (from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter).

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70 New Sexy Halloween Costumes Ideas to Look Unique

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Sword Art Online Asuna Yuuki Cosplay Costume

Creepy Corpse in a Body Bag and Coroner Couple Costume

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