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In order to deliver the golf club powerfully into the back of the golf ball, you must maintain a firm base with your lower body and create a powerful backswing coil. This coil results by turning the upper body against the resistance of the lower body. Good players facilitate the creation of coil by maintaining the gap between the knees on the backswing (right). They unleash the energy stored in the coil by closing the gap on the downswing.


Many golfers are unaware of exactly how a good downswing motion should 'feel', this simple yet effective drill can give you those feels and help you hit bett...


Golf swing Did you know the average touring pro has thoracic spine rotation of 60 degrees to the right and to the left. Rotational Flexibility in the thoracic spine helps to create the coil between the upper and lower body that allows for optimum rotation on the backswing, downswing and finish.


This quick and simple golf downswing drill will help you to bring the club down into the ball on the right path… Golfers that slice the ball tend to bring the club down on an out-to-in swing path, cutting across the golf ball. Likewise, hook shots are often caused by a swing path that is too flat and on too much of an in-to-out swing path.


Hips should begin motion on the downswing; shoulders should follow, not lead