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Chipping Tips from Sean Foley: Chipping Made Simple #nwgolfer #golftips

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Why a Pre-Shot Routine Is So Important

Do you have a pre-shot routine? Learn why it's super important to have a golf pre shot routine you go through prior to hitting each shot.

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2 Golf Short Game Practice Drills for More Up and Downs

2 golf short game drills to increase your skills around the green and help you save more pars. Share this with your friends!

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How to Cure the Chipping Yips

Do you suffer from the yips? Try out the tips discussed in this article to help you stop and to build back up your mental confidence around the greens

Chipping the ball close is key for lots of up and downs during a round of golf.

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In part 1 of this golf chipping series, we’ll look at how to set up for chip shots. Because chipping is all about feel, we want to replace any elements of our set up that are designed to generate power and replace them with elements that generate more control… Adjusting your stance, grip and bodyweight at set up will help you achieve this, as well as some simple swing thoughts as you run through your practice chip shots.

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How the 6-8-10 Method Can Improve a Golfer's Chipping Game

Chip Shot played by Morgan Pressel - Stephen Dunn / Getty Images

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"Happiness is a long walk with a putter." - Greg Norman It doesn't matter how good a person is at golf, there is always room for imp...

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