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The World’s 6 Tallest Skyscrapers Set for Completion in 2016

Located in Tianjin, China, the Goldin Finance 117 will tower some 1,959 feet in the sky when it’s completed in 2016. Read on for more of the world's tallest buildings.


Goldin Finance 117 - The Skyscraper Center

The 9 Tallest Skyscrapers That Are Being Built Right Now


Goldin Finance 117

#4 - Goldin Finance 117, Tianjin, China | P & T Group. ECADI | Height (when completed): 1,958.68 feet


Goldin Finance 117, China Height: 597m Completion: 2015 Designed by P & T Group this 117-storey tower, located in the new Central Business District of Tianjin, will become the tallest building in the city upon completion. The upper portion will house a luxurious hotel and the lower portion will contain office space.

Tianjin China: the 1957ft Goldin Finance 117 under construction [1366 853]