How to Care for a Golden Pothos (with Pictures) | eHow

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The aloe vera plant (top right), with its soothing and healing qualities, is the perfect bathroom plant. Keep it close by and its antioxidant-rich gel may make its way into your daily beauty routine. One of the pluses of the wax plant (top left) is its trailing, flowing Rapunzel-like growth. Plants, top to bottom, left to right: aloe vera; golden pothos; Hoya carnosa (wax plant); Alocasia amazonica (elephant’s ear or Alocasia Polly); Soleirolia soleirolii (baby’s tears); sansevieria (snake…

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6 indoor houseplants that are great for indoor air quality - put a snake plant, golden pothos, spider plant, dwarf banana, peace lily or aloe vera plant in your home and breathe easy!

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How to Care for a Golden Pothos (with Pictures) | eHow

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