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Excuse me for a moment while I go GLITTER SPRAY EVERYTHING I OWN!!


Glitter » Rustoleum Spray Paint - sparkling finish for crafts in gold or silver


DIY Gold Spray Paint Mason Jar with Glitter


Not all gold spray paint is created equal. For a light gold non-brassy shimmer, Rust-oleum Champagne Mist is a good choice. If you’re looking for a true metallic gold, nothing beats Rust-oleum...

Glitterized wooden initials for our wedding decor: nailed 2 of each thin letters from Michaels together so they would be thick enough to stand. Add modge podge and gold glitter (spray paint for ampersand). Voila!

Gold Gumball Makeover Before and After - My search for a gumball machine is officially ON!


The Golden Gumball Machine - OMG! I need to find me a gumball machine!!

Glitter Mason Jars - Shop Party Boutique

dollar store pears + gold glitter spray paint= sorry pottery barn. I could make it cheaper.


Step 1: Get some wine bottles from a restaurant (or your own collection) Step 2: Clean off labels Step 3: Spray with metallic gold spray paint Step 4: Spray 2 layers of pink glitter spray paint. :-) Enjoy!