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After 10 Years Of Slowly Dying, I Finally Found The Cause, And Now I See Abstract Art Whenever I Close My Eyes | Bored Panda

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Kevin Francis Gray. (From Face Off detail, 2007 - Later used in the movie "Snow White and the Huntsman.")

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ecstasy? by Manuel Nunez ""My images are of strong women. Beautiful, but not exploited. Women who are sensual and virtuous; wrestling with the underlying conflict of what life is versus what it should be." but unlike many alluring femininity depictions of others, he emphasizes female virtue; here "Draweth Nigh"

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A luxury version of the Full Moon now available as a foil blocking on fine art paper. Square format 30 x 30cm.Limited edition of 300, each signed and numbered.

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jbe200: jbe200quilts: "Moonglow II" by Miriam Otte Wow! Someone just reblogged this - only they removed the credits and replaced the link from the source site to mine. Please don’t do this to my posts or anyone else’s for that matter. The quilter got left out and didn’t receive any credit for her beautiful work. Very not cool!

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Frost on a window, where gold tinged ice crystals have assumed artful botanical forms

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kintsukuroi : the art of repairing something with gold or silver lacquer understanding that it is more beautiful for having been broken.

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