God won't give us a relationship if he knows it will distract us from Him

10 More Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up a Godly Relationship

My gosh, I need quotes like this to keep my priorities straight! Dear God, please help me focus on you. I will admit it! Please help me remember that my main focus is You!

"If he doesn't know God, he doesn't know real love"

10 Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up a Godly Relationship

That's what I'm hoping for. Its the hardest wait but also has felt the most right even though I've never experienced this kind of love with someone..  But I'm praying it exists -sd

Godly dating, Godly waiting Lord you know how important you are to me. My future husband MUST love God and understand this relationship is the most important above anything else

Godly relationships take work and being incredibly intentional!

How to Keep God at the Center of Your Relationship

Godly relationships take effort, time, and discipline from both parties to achieve

If you throw yourself at a guy multiple times and get shot down... It's best to give up. Even if you convince him into a relationship he'll never be fully invested anyway.

Men are born to pursue women, not women pursue the men.relationships aren't without the work but they should be wrapped in pleasure with a pretty bow of warm feelings.