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gorettmisstag: Heather Mclean - The Holy Grail, 2014-2015 / full moon goddess / Anatomical <3

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BITCHCRAFT – THE BOOK OF LILITH Mystic’s brand-new & unique take on Dark Moon Lilith – the Original Bitch-Goddess, the Whore in the Madonna-...

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Lilith | About Lilith

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Lilith (Dark Mother), the All-Embracing Lady of the Nocturnal Sun.

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Lilith and Lucifer- Night and Day so very misunderstood for so long, the truth hidden away except to the few that realize the lies that have been told.

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The female demon Lilith under the appearance of a snake cavorting with herself as personified within the Garden of Eden, by John Collier, 1892

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Lilith The Garden blossoms well, my dear, as there you wait for me. But do not think to take my soul, I will not bow to thee. (x)

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I ♥ Lilith

The Serpent was central to Goddess worship. The Serpent in the Tree was thought by early Jewish writers to have been a Winged Serpent. The Winged Serpent, or Dragon is first a symbol of the Goddess and of a nature-based Pagan spirituality

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{X+X∞} ................. andraaj repin † 2014 S/S Anuubis Ceremonial Magick: #Ceremonial #Magick ~ Lilith Sigil.

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Woman and Owl ~ by Ignacio Serrano ('The Owl' symbolizes those who are wise enough and 'clear-sighted within' enough to SEE through, and in, the Darkness, A Wise Watcher..a Seer in Wild Silence. As th

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"Lilith": Deusa da Abundância, fertilidade e fecundidade. "Também deusa da morte e Transformação ... ela nos desafia a olhar para o nosso lado escuro e incorporá-lo em nossa totalidade para que a nossa grande beleza pode florescer."

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Goddess Lilith

“Lilith’s themes are freedom, courage, playfulness, passion, pleasure and sexuality. Her symbol is an apple. In Hebrew legends, Lilith is a dangerously beautiful Goddess who refused t…

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baddie-goddess: “Who knew it was actually Lilith who gave Eve the forbidden Apple? Lilith becomes Adam’s first wife, who was created at the same time (Rosh Hashanah) and from the same earth as Adam....

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Lilith Goddess / Witch/ 1st Vampire / 1st wife of Adam. So many different things to so many different religions and people.

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