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I remember this glorious event it took me like ten minutes to calm down after laughing so hard... And then I watched it again several times

Daithi De Nogla: Comedic video game commentator whose self-titled channel consists of videos featuring a variety of types of videos, including Gmod Sandbox Funny Moments, vlogs, simulators, and animation. Gaming Channel ->


Okay, no joke, like straight up, this is my favorite fanart of the whole entire freaking year! This is extremely good, I can't even put into words how good this actually is! But, it's fanart for Basicallyidowrk, I AM WILDCAT, Silent Droidd, Mini Ladd, Lui Calibre, Moo Snuckel, H2ODelirious, VanossGaming, and Daithi De Nogla by Ayiwasdead on Twitter! Anyway, Happy New Year guys!!! =D