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34 things every global chic room needs

Shibori The Japanese dyeing tradition of shibori (similar to tie-dye) is another staple of a good modern global room; we love the stark contrast of the indigo against the crisp white chairs here.


Embrace Organic à la @thejungalow Mo’ patterns? No problems. This room from The Jungalow (shot by David Tsay for House Beautiful) goes global in a big way, mixing boho prints of all scales and colors. Leafy green plants and rough-hewn wooden accents ground the room, keeping it from feeling too busy. A great reason to encourage your green thumb!


Texture and interesting pieces are not always enough - seek out balance by moving your pieces around until you are happy with not only the look but the feel!


34 things every global chic room needs

Suzani This embroidered cotton or silk textile from Central Asia is now usually a gateway drug to the global look, and definitely a great way to bring in a lot of color and style quickly into a room. Look for motifs such as flowers, vines, fruits moons and even birds.


34 things every global chic room needs

Layered Textiles Don’t be shy — layer up all that goodness that you’ve curated! Mix and match textures within textiles for a room that’s visually and tactilely rich.


34 things every global chic room needs

Books Books are the easiest personal touch in any room, and they bring your specific personality and life into a space. Global interiors are lived-in, and there’s no better way to say a room gets use than to stock it with books.