Accent Glitter Wall

How to Create a DIY Glitter Accent Wall

I would so have this as a nursery. A glamorous coral and gold glitter nursery that our little girl could grow into featuring a glitter wallpaper accent wall and gold polka dot wall decals.

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Creative Ideas - DIY Amazing Glitter Walls

Glitter Accent Wall 3 pounds of loose glitter, 2 cans adhesive spray paint, 1 paper plate, 1 straw. Pour some glitter on plate. Spray each sq ft of wall with adhesive. Blow glitter from plate onto wall with straw. Finish with 2 cans of clear gloss spray paint to last for a lifetime. Messy but fun. Gorgeous! -chrissydixon

23 Glorious Sparkle Wall Ideas

For Georgia's ceiling - Glitter Wall! HGTV says if you mix a gallon of glue with glitter, then paint with it, the glue will dry clear!!

How to Add Glitter to Wall Paint

HGTV says if you mix a gallon of glue with glitter, then paint with it. The glue will dry clear - glitter wall. Every room of my house will have this.

sparkly in? hehe

Hey I saw you pinned glitter and thought you might like this :) Love this metallic cork wallpaper Brian Yates

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Des décors brillants

- Chocolate glitter wallpaper or glitter paint for an accent wall it's SUPER pretty. lighting hits it perfectly

How to paint Glitter on walls- this sounds like a good idea for an accent wall or shelving to just give it a subtle pop

Working with glitter wall paint with interior design applications has become popular today as the glitter paint has gotten better through new technologies.

Glitter wall.  Add some sparkle to your ceiling? #glitterpaint #treatmentroom

23 Glorious Sparkle Wall Ideas

DIY for a sparkly wall. I like this idea for the ceiling for London's room. (Good idea for a kid's bedroom ceiling.

black glitter wallpaper- I want as an accent wall in my vanity area :)

thebestwallpaperplace,com amazing sparkly wallpaper! Would look so cool in a movie room

Disney by Gliden's "All that glitters" finish to make the walls shimmer. Available only at Walmart.

Disney specialty finishes bring the coolest painting ideas to life. Make walls sparkle, gleam, glow or even work as chalkboards!

glitter accent wall ~ I just had the most awesome idea- to use a dark paint with glitter for the movie room. That way it will look even more like a night sky. Could also do this treatment on the ceiling.

glitter accent wall ~ Grey paint, with silver glitter. Pink glitter with a pale pink wall? Or maybe even do the ceiling.

Sparkly, glitter wallpaper! Now this is wallpaper I could get behind! (And so much better than trying to paint with some form of glitter-paint-goo.) @Suzi Hesness

Glitter wall paper-- oh yeah, baby! What girl doesnt want glitter walls in their bedroom!