Cries Unheard by Gitta Sereny | 18 Creepily Fascinating True Crime Books You Really Need To Read

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Dans l'ombre du Reich - Enquêtes sur le traumatisme allemand (1938-2001) - Gitta Sereny - 522 pages, Couverture souple. - Référence : 903331 #Livre #culture #Histoire #Philosophie #book #Cadeau

Gitta Sereny, CBE (13 March 1921 – 14 June 2012) was an Austrian-born biographer, historian, and investigative journalist who came to be known for her interviews and profiles of controversial figures, including Mary Bell, who was convicted in 1968 of killing two children when she herself was a child, and Franz Stangl, the commandant of the Treblinka extermination camp. She was the author of five books, including Albert Speer: His Battle with Truth (1995).

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Il aura fallu trente ans à Gitta Sereny pour publier Une si jolie petite fille : Les Crimes de Mary Bell, un livre exceptionnel qui atteint les sommets...

Although many balked at her rejection of the notion of evil, Gitta Sereny's openness with the Nazi war criminals she interviewed led them to tell her things that they would never tell anyone else.

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gitta sereny | Gitta Sereny: she understood and how terrible circumstances can create ...

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