Cleo: I have nothing on my face except a thicc layer of jojoba oil so my face doesn't peel off. Posting this picture of me with no makeup on is an accomplishment for me and I'm becoming more and more comfortable with myself as the days go by.

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Learning how to contour is easier than it looks -- with this step-by-step contouring guide, you'll have Kim K-like bone structure in no time.

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"Hi, my name is Cleo Braxton and I just eighteen years old." I say and I tuck a piece of blonde hair behind my ear. "I'm not on board with this idea of finding my 'love' by a letter and I'd prefer to be alone. That's what I'm used to." I say firmly. "I'm independent and stubborn, not good characteristics at all, and I enjoy causing problems. I'm straight and I have no preference on who I get. As I said, I'd be fine with no one."

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am I the only one that hates summer like ???? (1) it's WAY too hot (2) so boring omg (3) there's nothing for me to rely on like ??? with school u gotta get up every morning and go to sleep at certain times and do hw but like in summer I have no backbone/willpower to do anything and feel all gross (4) my family barbecues 24/7 in the summer and I HATE bbq (5) all my friends are on vacation :((((( I try to make the best out of it but grrrr

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Women should know how to be a beautiful diva. Although every woman likes dressingherself up, they may not look more gorgeous all the time. Here are 14 tips to get you away from the wrong direction. Just check out these helful advice and be an enviable beauty. NO1.Face the World with A Sophisticated Makeup Women …

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You'll be warm no matter the weather in Cupshe Ultimate Softness Back Strap Top. $23.99 Only with free shipping! This ruffle hem strap top is your best choice for a cozy&chic winter! Layer it for a perfect look at

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Kendall Jenner With No Makeup & Perfect Skin, check it out at

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