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This girl, Victoire Weasley, wear a cool plastic glasses with a classic panto shape. #like (found on: ) #glasses #eyewear

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12 Amaze Makeup Hacks that'll Change Every Girl Who Wears Glasses' Life

But while wearing lenses is simply an added bonus to anyone’s overall aesthetic, the struggle of being a glasses-wearer is still pretty real. One of those issues? Taking the time to put on makeup and then having it suddenly disappear behind your frames. SO. ANNOYING! But never fear — as per youge, our ever-trusty hacks are here to save the day!

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There is something with glasses and girls they are so cute in them and yeah I am kind of in love with a girl that have glasses and she is so beautiful but don't think she likes me like I love her

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11 Struggles Every Girl With Glasses Will Understand

If I have to get glasses today, this is exactly what I want! Your so pretty omg look at you georgous so much to look forward to keep your boyfriends head up

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