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Girls Making Out

1912 children's fashions. Cut out to make dolls.

4 | Kids Camping Set - retro embroidered merit badges-- I would take this idea and make 'badges' out of cardstock instead---- a great way to document our summer fun activities!


A great photostream of garb a family has. Talks about making them out of adult sized pants, shirts, and dresses.


Kissing Girls - Making Out With Two Girls! Kissing Hot 2016

drunk girl making out with the tree

Hello Kitty Kandi Bow Headband by KandiQueenBoutique on Etsy - might be able to figure out how to make these for the girls for Christmas gifts.


RULES: 1. Unlimited FC, just make sure if you make a girl you have to make a boy as well. 2. Let's keep it PG-13, by that I mean with action and language. 3. If you are going to use a band member or actor please try not to use their names, and make them a original character. 4. If you have issues with a member of the board, please try to work it out peacefully amongst yourselves. 5. If you wish to me a professor ask. 6. Invite whoever. (If any questions ask below)


Keep Your Inner Child Alive: 5 Ways To Avoid Growing Up Too Fast


Vintage Crystar Mini Camera [In Box] #Crystar (why is that girl making out with a duck?)


Kissing Girl - Making Out With Girlfriend! Kissing Hot 2016