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It's true! Vikings had a very female dominated culture, unlike most of ancient societies. It makes me wonder why they're different and how this could impact our culture today


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We need to tell our baby girls, that they are more than their good looks, hips and thighs. life isn't only about being pretty.


0_0 // just spread some corpses for a good party atmosphere and be yourself!// HER FACE XD I LOVE HER FACE. Go down and throw a corpse party WITH them.


Joseph Vacher was a French serial killer, sometimes known as “The French Ripper” due to comparisons to the more famous Jack the Ripper murderer of London, England, in 1888. His scarred face, accordion and plain, white, hand-made rabbit-fur hat became his trademark appearance. During a three-year period, beginning in 1894, Vacher murdered and mutilated at least 11 people (one woman, five teenage girls and five teenage boys).


The Long Island Serial Killer: On April 4th of 2011, police investigators found more bodies of victims believed to be from a serial killer who has been dumping corpses on Gilgo Beach, Long Island, since at least 2007. First to be discovered on this day was the severed head, right foot, and hands of a Jane Doe. Then came an asian John Doe who had his skull bashed in. Lastly, a dead baby girl. The toddler had been savagely beaten to death. The diversity of his chosen victims makes profiling…