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Girlfriend Pet Names

How To Call Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

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That is a really good way to loose a friend. I would be really offended if some one told me that.

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The pet name doesn't matter BUT...Just DON'T call ME what YOU called all your OTHER girlfriends!

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Cute and Funny Nicknames for Couples

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Cute Pet Names for Your Girlfriend to Make Her Go Awww!

Lol not like I ever used that word to begin with but now I'm definitely never gonna use it...gotta love the people who use this word and don't even know what it means but just use it because they're following the crowd. you know what it means lol

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Chihuahua, looks just like mine , my husband named him whiteboy love him to death got him a girlfriend ,her name is bella and hopefully this spring we will have little ones. noone can have just one

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