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Girl fact #37 i'm far from perfect i could have a flatter stomach, clear skin, whiter teeth, better hair, etc. but at least i dont have an ugly heart

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The last ones true. And you know who you are so if you get on Pinterest please read.

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GIRLS FACTS , for more click here quotes ,funny , facts and relatable to girls

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funny female quotes and facts | added july 2 2012 image size 500 x 375 px more from girls fact tumblr ...

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You have ZERO idea how true this is. Too true. I am bullied all of the time but I hide it in public for the sake of others. I have cried myself to sleep since school started.

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*snaps fingers in z formation* I AINT COMMIN BACK

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call me hot and I will instantly turn the other direction

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girls facts (lol,summer,beach,funny,meme,comic,girl,quotes,love,sexy)

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GIRLS FACTS , more here (lol,funny,sexy,true,story,quotes,gif,meme,boy)

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