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Ginormous Meaning

Someone actually said this to me. I asked him if he was joking. Softball is not soft by any means

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They all do, and veganism isn't just diet; animals don't belong to us for clothing, as test subjects, as performers, etc. They matter, so go vegan!

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New Galaxy Map Gives Solar System A New Address

The new map shows, the Milky Way's 100 billion stars are actually part of something 100 times bigger: a supercluster of galaxies astronomers have christened Laniakea, meaning "immense heavens" in the Hawaiian language. Laniakea spans some 520 million light-years across. The supercluster is as massive as 100 million billion suns.

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Means that my families hart's must be ginormous

Little Miss Paint Brush

Last one for the day (or not, idk). (⌒-⌒) I will forever have a ginormous crush on Howl. (╥w╥) Did you know that Batman voiced Howl on the English dub? (I mean Christian Bale, lol) Oh of course you do. :v

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18 Monochromatic Outfit Ideas For When You're in a Hurry but Want to Look Good

The 2017 Met Gala Theme Means 1 Thing: Ginormous Dresses on the Red Carpet