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Baymax is programmed to do a lot of things, but getting the perfect selfie is not part of his database. Disney’s Big Hero 6 opens in theatres in 3D November 7!

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This is AMAZING ANIMATION by theincredibledoodlemaker on tumblr << it's so rare to find GOOD fan-made Ninjago animations!!!

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Nope can't find it...

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It's like that time in powerpuff girls where the nice and kind one says "mercy is for the week,"

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love this gif.AWESOME.

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Dr. Rockso, professional mean-mugger. - Imgur

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When the Stuffy Dude Next to You Doesn't Have Time For Your Freakout

Pin for Later: 21 Walking Dead GIFs That Will Only Make Sense to Someone Who Isn't a Morning Person When the Stuffy Dude Next to You Doesn't Have Time For Your Freakout

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Sensei's face at the end omg and how Jay just DROPS the spoon like that I could watch this forever

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Ninja: We'll be ready Nya: LORD GARMADON IS BACK Ninja: *Scramble* XD

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You Never Knew This Ugly Truth About College, But Disney Characters Have Been Warning You All Along

College life could have been a lot easier for you if had bothered to listen to Disney characters as a kid

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This time baby I'll be bulletproof

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ninjago gifs - Google Search>>.For my sister, who wishes she could pet her fishes.

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When one of your friends brings up your plans in front of the person who's not invited.

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Me Jamming to my fave song. XD while my friend (Zane) is in the background like what the heck

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Captain Jack Sparrow I regret nothing

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No matter how early I go to bed

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When you force your friend to listen to your favorite anime opening..

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Sprite Database : Blanka

Sprite Database : Blanka

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