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Giant Skull – fantasy/horror concept by Eiich Matsuba.....Wow.....does he seem angry to you?

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So why has the main stream and other "news" outlets refuse to report on these grave site discoveries? Don't fit their narrative maybe?

Giant Bones Found in America | Giant Humans Skeleton - The Fallen Angels : Funny, Strange

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Giant Skeletons Found In Writing Prompt: Greece | Giant Human Skeletons found in Different parts of the World!

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Giant Skeleton ~ Archaeologists in Bulgaria have discovered the remains of what they have described as a “huge skeleton” in downtown Varna, a city on the shores of the Black Sea whose rich culture and civilizations spans some 7,000 years. It is not the first time that an over-sized skeleton has been found in Eastern Europe.

Skeletal remains of the Ecuador Giants. Just below the skeleton you can see a display of a life size human for reference. This must be at least 60-65 feet tall. There are other giant skeletons which have been discovered all over the world, unfortunately they have been 'hidden away' in the vaults of Universities and Museums.