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8 superlative spiders

Best legs Giant huntsman spider (Heteropoda maxima)   The Goliath birdeater may be the world’s largest spider by mass, but the giant huntsma...


The goliath bird-eater is the heaviest spider known, with the largest weighing up to 180g. Their 12inch legspan made them the largest spider known until, in 2008, a giant huntsman spider was discovered in Laos. The goliath, Theraphosa blondi, is far more common however and is even kept as an exotic pet. It is known as bird-eater because, like other large spiders, it will sometimes prey on small birds as well as small mammals and lizards

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Giant Huntsman Spider: World's Largest Spider By Leg Span

An Australian huntsman spider has a leg span of up to 12 inches (30 centimeters), often described as being “the size of a dinner plate.”...uh, yikes!

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Giant Spider Species Discovered in Middle Eastern Sand Dunes

This is actually a real spider, this is not a movie model. It's a new giant "White Lady" type huntsman recently discovered in Israel, scientific name, Cerbalus aravensis. It's probably the largest of it's type found so far. Unfortunately it's under immediate threat.

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Conoce a la tarántula Goliath, una araña del tamaño de un cachorrito