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Just fitted one of these kits to my Giant Rapid 2 and have to say that it is an awesome kit. This 10Ah electric bike kit comes with a 12 MOSFETS controller, making it the quickest 48V system available. The extra torque and top end speed is incedible

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2017 Giant Electric Mountain Bikes & Road Bikes! [VIDEOS] | Electric Bike Report | Electric Bike, Ebikes, Electric Bicycles, E Bike, Reviews

Yamaha’s Joint Development of Electrically Power Assisted Bicycles with Giant Bicycles

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Pg. 47-She pulls out a giant hammer. I break a sweat. "Tell me where he is," she says while pointing it at me." "He's not here," I repeat. She starts to give high pitched growls as she squeezes her eyes shut and swings her hammer at nothing. I take that as a bad sign and hide behind the couch with Sonic. "One of your friends?" "Yeah, but she doesn't quite see it that way."

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