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Persinette (French Fairy Tales & Folklore Book 1) by [de Caumont La Force, Charlotte-Rose, Christensen, Laura, Basile, Giambattista, Grimm, Brothers]

Pentamerón. El Cuento De Los Cuentos Las Tres Edades/ Biblioteca de Cuentos Populares: Giambattista Basile, César Palma: Libros

Cianna and her Brothers from The Seven Doves These illustrations came from: Basile, Giambattista. Stories from the Pentamerone. E. F. Strange, editor. Warwick Goble, illustrator. London: Macmillan & Co., 1911. The text of this book is based on John Edward Taylor's translation from 1847.

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Giambattista Basile, author of the Snow White tale "The Young Slave" 220px-Giambattista_Basile.jpg (220×281)

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Before the Brothers Grimm, before Charles Perrault, before Hans Christian Andersen, there was Giambattista Basile, a seventeenth-century poet from Naples, Italy, whom the Grimms credit with recording the first national collection of fairy tales.

SurLaLune Fairy Tales: Il Pentamerone Index

Zezolla, The Cat Cinderella: An Italian Fairytale by Giambattista Basile [La gatta Cenerentola, 1634; Folklore Type: ATU-510A (Persecuted Heroine)]