Giada's Chicken Piccata we make this ALL the time, it's so easy and so flavorful and i never need wine to make it (bonus)

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Chicken Piccata Recipe I would also add about 2oz dry white wine at the same time as the lemon juice to for better flavor and to deglaze the pan.

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Chicken Piccata. DELICIOUS! › Recipes › Chicken Giada's recipe is delicious! Her video really helps too.

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No. 2: Giada's Chicken Piccata : Giada delivers authentic Italian flavor with our second-most-saved recipe, these easy butterflied chicken breasts dressed up with lemon-caper sauce and a flurry of parsley.

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While chickpeas beef up Giada's quick-fix pasta with Swiss chard, the briny capers and red pepper flakes add layers of bold flavor.

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