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Gi Bill Number

Keep track of payments received by a business with this printable form formatted similar to a check register, but with spaces on which to record payments by date, company name, and check number. Free to download and print

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The Best Case of Unexpected Love

My review of the movie "While You Were Sleeping" with Sandra Bullock. It is my number-one favorite movie, and my favorite of her movies as well. And the review paid off with an award of "Review of the Day" on Squidoo. :-)

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Fractions of a Dollar

TEKS 4.2G Audience: 4th grade Behavior: Fractions of a dollar Conditions: Anchor Chart I would use this anchor chart as well to connect the relationships of fractions to everyday things (besides the normal pizza or pie) I would also connect in decimals more as well.


As a blogger writing posts on three websites in response to submitted GI Bill questions, I’m continually both surprised and frustrated at the amount of mis-information floating around and at the number of veterans who end up mismanaging and squandering their GI Bill benefits - ending up with nothing to show for their hard-earned benefit. In this book I answer many of the FAQs asked over and over again and share my secrets to maximizing your GI Bill Benefits.

Democrats are better leaders. Fact. Wake Up People Facts Are Facts Go Research For Yourselves & If You're A Women PLEASE Look At What They Have & Have Not Done For You! Same For VETERANS My Daddy Fought WWII & A History & Economics Major (GI BILL) Contracting Officer For The NAVY & DEMOCRAT Because He Knows What Party Moves Our Country Forward & Not Backwards!