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Ashton honestly the amount of disrespect the past couple of weeks.

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Looll even though Louis is the worst driver ever

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Did Obama get the memo!! NOT!

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good use of color to direct the focus of direction

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DIY SEAT CLEANER: 1 C Distilled Vinegar, 1 C Club Soda, 1/2 C Blue Dawn Dish Soap, Spray Bottle, & Scrub Brush; DIRECTIONS: Mix altogether in bottle, shake, & spray on fabric. Let it set 5-10 min then scrub in circular motion. Wet washcloth & wipe to remove soap.

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The new Nissan Vmotion 2.0 concept was revealed in Detroit, with the company saying that it’s signalling the future sedan design direction they’re willing to take

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On mountain time

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Magnet Powered Car

Make science fun and playful by making a magnet powered car! Make a road and see if you can push/pull your car in the right direction without touching it.

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Looks Like A Worm

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