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*slow motion walking, dramatic music, explosions, eagles, fireworks, blitzkriegs and fine frauleins*


Heinrich Himmler born in Munich 1900 -45 the commander of the Schutzstaffel and the Gestapo in Nazi Germany, who killed himself after World War II, on

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Anne Frank was a little girl who lived in Holland during the WW2 and she hide from the war because they were gonna take her away. She was hiding in her attic for a very long time.Anne frank changed Canada in so many ways like the diary.Anne frank wrote everything in that diary and without that diary we wouldn't of known what had happend during that time in WW2.


Nancy Wake - Known as "The White Mouse" to Nazi agents, Wake was one of the most notorious members of the French Resistance, working on numerous sabotage operations and organizing more than 700 Resistance members into a guerilla fighting force. She was the Gestapo's most wanted spy, with a five-million-franc bounty on her head, and she once killed an SS sentry with her bare hands to prevent him from raising an alarm. A true hero.

And so it continues, to the end of his ridiculous presidency. GnG


Paul Gurran (11 January 1893 - 22 February 1944).

On Sep 13, 1944, a princess from India lay dead at Dachau concentration camp. She had been tortured by the Nazis, then shot in the head. Her name was Noor Inayat Khan. The Germans knew her only as Nora Baker, a British spy who had gone into occupied France using the code name Madeline. She carried her transmitter from safe house to safe house with the Gestapo trailing her, providing communications for her Resistance unit.


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