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Germany and Prussia--- I do this to my younger siblings all the time! lol
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Hetalia_Germany and Prussia. Awww... Prussia is such a good big brother ^^<---Absolutely!

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1p and 2p Germany and Prussia Hetalia<--- Put two opposite ends together...

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I had to do this GIF. XD When I first saw it, I laughed. I can picture Germany doing that to Gilbird. ~Please Enjoy~

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Germany and Prussia - This pairing is growing on me.  No more Germany/Italy for me.
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Damn it this made me cry from the beginning!!! Germany and Prussia Part One
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Germany and an injured Prussia, the pain in their eyes is from more than just injury, it's from fighting on the side of the nazi's and not wanting to but having no choice. The countries must be in constant turmoil due to having to fight for something they don't actually agree with, and from watching all the members of their country die in fruitless battle.

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The German Brothers. Artist unkown. If you are the artist or know the artist please let me know so I can credit properly

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