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German Submarines did not serve too much of a purpose for the war but were there to piss off everyone because they blew up everything passing them. Us used bombs to make submarines exit.


Double Jeopardy – Lusitania's Unique Victim - - - Mrs Frances Washington Stephens - - - The astonishing story of the woman whose body was twice claimed by the same German submarine....


WW1: A German U-boat surfaces in rough seas in the North Atlantic. The serrated device on the bow was a cutter for anti-sub nets.


Crew Members of Submarine U 50 (March 2, 1940) Of all the branches of the German military, the navy [Kriegsmarine] was the least prepared for the start of the war in September 1939. Despite intensified rearmament from 1935 on, the German navy was no match for Great Britain’s far superior Royal Navy. In addition to securing the Baltic Sea and the coasts of the North Sea, the German navy’s main task was cutting off the supply routes of the Allies, mostly Great Britain.


The German Submarine U-505 (Type IXC) captured at sea off the coast of Río de Oro, Western Sahara, West Africa on the 4th of June 1944 by a US carrier task group


U-Boat ~ German submarine U-251 is at anchor in Narvik (Norway), after attacking convoy PQ-17 in June 1942. The U-251, a Type VIIC submarine, one of which was the workhorse of German U-boats during World War Two. The U-251 was subsequently sunk by British aircraft on April 19, 1945. There were four survivors, thirty-nine men died.~ BFD


The RMS carpathia: The Carpathia was the ship that came to Titanic’s rescue when the cruise ship met with its accident. It took my Uncles to France during WWI. The Carpathia met with an untimely accident when it was destroyed by German submarine in the year 1917 i.e. at the time of World War I. The Carpathia shipwreck was found in the year 1999 by a company known as Argosy International Ltd. The Carpathia took my uncles to war in France in 1916. They were in the Forestry divisions.