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This Black soldier in the German Imperial Army is most likely Josef Mambo, born in German East Africa in 1885, moved to Germany in 1897 and twice wounded in East Prussia and Verdun, ca., 1915.


[People Activity- War] "African chiefs sentenced to death by the Germans for their role in the Maji Maji rebellion" The Maji Maji Rebellion, lasting from 1905 to 1907, was an organized uprising initiated by several groups of African communities in the colonized territory of German East Africa against German colonial rule and German policy that forced them to grow cotton for export, profiting the German colonists.


Big Blue 1840-1940: German East Africa

In 1914 there were three Schutztruppe commands, one in each of the German colonial regions in East, West, and Southwest Africa. Schutztruppe formations were organizationally never a part of the army or navy. German military law and discipline applied to the Schutztruppe. Shown here, Schutztruppe Askari Flag Carrier, German East Africa, 1906


First World War: German soldier on a pony in zebra camouflage. German East Africa (1915) [1600x1200]


Big Blue 1840-1940: German East Africa

Big Blue 1840-1940: German East Africa

Africa | "A Masai woman decorated with spirals and bracelets made of brass, iron and copper wire. Mount Meru, German East Africa." || Scanned postcard published by the Leipzig Mission.--Probably photographed by Emil Müller (1868-1940), a missionary of the Leipzig Mission #Tanzania #Tanazanian #Maasai