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Gerda Wegener (1886 – 1940). La Vie Parisienne, 11 Septembre 1915. [Pinned 6-vi-2015]

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Flower Girl, 1922, Gerda Wegener. (Gerda Gottlieb Wegener Porta). Danish Illustrator, Painter (1886 - 1940) (most of her stuff is too risqué to put on here. It was the time period, all those cabarets and artists everywhere pushing limits. Her work generally depicts lovers or ahem, self-love. Interestingly, he husband had the first sex-change operation and then divorced her.)

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gerda wegener - Gerda Gottlieb Wegener Porta (15 March 1886 - 28 July 1940) was a Danish illustrator and painter best known for her erotica.

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Air de Capri (1923). Gerda Wegener (Danish, 1889-1940). Oil on canvas. After moving to Paris in 1912, she found much success both as a painter and as illustrator for Vogue, La Vie Parisienne, Fantasio, and many other magazines. As she found fame in Paris, Gerda also developed a following in her home country. She held exhibitions at Ole Haslunds gallery in Copenhagen.

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1904 Gerda Wegener (Danish 1886~1940) | Wegener/Elbe eventually identified as a male-to-female transgender woman. She had the first publicly known sex reassignment surgery in history in 1930.

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