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Georgian food

It’s no secret that I adore food, but little did I know that I would fall madly in love with a delicious spiced meat filled dumpling called, Khinkali. Maybe love is a strong word and should be...

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The 10 Dishes That Will Make You Fall in Love With Georgian Food

When you arrive in Tbilisi, border agents don't just stamp your passport; they hand you a bottle of wine. It's a fitting welcome to Georgia, a mountainous country sandwiched between Europe and Asia, where dinner guests are exalted as "gifts from God" and traditional feasts called supras unfold in biblical proportions, sometimes lasting for days on end. Here are 10 dishes to know and try.

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Khachapuri (Georgian: ხაჭაპური), is a cheese bread that is justifiably considered to be one of Georgia’s national dishes. Different regions of Georgia have their own type of khachapuri. In this rec...

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Pkhali (Spinach and Walnut Salad)

Pkhali (Spinach and Walnut Salad) Recipe - I think this must be very similar to some fabulous Afghan food that I have eaten. I might add a tablespoon of pomegranite molasses found in the Middle Eastern stores around Watertown, MA.

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Beef Soup (Kharcho)

Beef Soup Kharcho: a hearty beef and tomato soup with a unique spice blend and plenty of fresh herbs. The tender beef in this beef soup melts in your mouth.

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