George Custer with his Wife and Cook. Libbie is in riding gear. Srong woman; she may have actually been behind much of "Custer's" writing.

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liddy custer was so pretty for that time period. one of my favorite historical figures.

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The Peninsula, Virginia Lieutenant George A. Custer with dog. It was made in 1862.

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General George Armstrong Custer beside an elk that he shot, South Dakota Black Hills, 1874

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George & Libbie Custer, Texas, 1865. It was a well known fact that George A. Custer was an Egomaniac, it's the reason his troop was wiped out at the Little Big Horn; He was supposed to be waiting for two other Calvary troops to assist in the battle, but he PUSHED his troop faster to arrive sooner, thinking he would have the GLORY for Himself....HUGE Mistake.

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* Curley ~ Scout to General George Custer. Curly is remembered for having brought the earliest tidings of the massacre of George Armstrong Custer's troops at the Battle of Little Bighorn. Claiming to be the only survivor of Custer's Last Stand, the 17 year old Crow scout provided a confused and incredible account of Custer's annihilation. Sixty years of retelling the story added no clarity to what role Curly really played in the battle ~ Artist by: steeelll *

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