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Geometry Vocabulary Reference Pages - Intermediate Grades

This 3 page packet includes geometric terms for and shapes, Area, Perimeter, Volume and Rotational Symmetry. If your students are like m... Home School,Math,School,School Ideas,School stuff,Teaching Math,


Unit 1 Geometry Review

At first glance this picture looks like a 1st grade math project. However the angles on it have alot to do with making a good movie. In order to keep and video from getting boring and dull a good camera man takes shots from different angles such as High shots, low shots, the list goes on but a movie with only one angle quickly becomes dull.


Geometry Part 1

This 4-page guide contains the fundamental structure of geometry. Topics covered include: geometric formulas, description of undefined terms, defined terms, lines & line segments, planes, angels, rays and much more. Browse and download thousands of educational eBooks, worksheets, teacher present


The Circle | Free Poster on Circle Geometry from LittleStreams on - (4 pages) - This is a FREE poster on circles and their important geometric terms and features. It comes in US and UK versions and looks great on US Letter or larger.


Arithmetic and Geometric Sequence, Sum, Nth Term, Cheat Sheet - Foldable

Love this Arithmetic and Geometric Sequence, Sum, Nth Term, Cheat Sheet/Foldable! This is a comprehensive guide to the Arithmetic and Geometric Series. Summation notation is included along with common difference, common ratio, nth term, sum of a finite sequence and sum of an infinite sequence.


What's an angle? See angles in everyday situations. Which angle is biggest? Find out how angle size relates to the amount of rotation. Learn about the geometric terms 'ray', 'vertex', 'line' and 'line segment'.