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Getting Started with Genius Hour | ABCs with Mrs. B

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Everyone is a genius!! - Incorporating genius hour in the classroom

Every student is a genius and should have the opportunity to share what they know with others! What better way to do this than to allow students time in the week to explore their passions and share them with classmates.


10 Principles Of Genius HourGenius Hour is a movement picking up traction globally – an opportunity where students given true autonomy explore their own passions and exercise creativity in the classroom. It allows pure voice and choice in what students learn during a set period of time during school. Genius Hour is student-driven, passion-based inquiry at it’s best which can be enhanced by technology in the hands of modern learners. Put simply, it is a time where learners choose what to…

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Implementing Genius Hour in Your Classroom

Genius Hour is a concept popularized by Google and 3M. Check out this guide for implementing Genius Hour in your classroom

FREE download - GENIUS HOUR project proposal


Genius Hour -- 2nd video explains what it is


Genius Hour - This is an hour of class time per week set aside for kids to work on a project that they are passionate about. Video explains the concept in detail.

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3 Rules for Genius Hour


It took me a long time to come up with a rubric for my Genius Hour presentations in my 5th grade class. I could never find what I was looking for, so I decided to make something myself.This rubric applies to CCSS Speaking & Listening strands 5.4 and 5.5I have found this layout very helpful and I hope you can use it in your classroom, too!