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Does herpes itch is a classical question asked by lots of people around the world. Genital herpes is a dangerous disease. You must read the symptoms of this disease here and prevent it.


9 Facts About Genital Herpes Any Sexually-Active Human Should Know

What do you know about genital herpes? Would you run a mile if a potential partner disclosed that they had it, afraid that you'd open yourself up to painful symptoms? Slow down. Genital herpes has quite a lot of myths attached to it, many of which ar

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Genital Herpes: The STD You Might Not Even Know You Have

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Herpes Simplex 2: treat Genital Herpes outbreaks naturally

Are you looking for natural remedies to treat genital herpes? This page will give you an overview of herpes and how it can be treated with natural remedies, such as aloe vera or colloidal silver.

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7 Ways to Treat Frequent Viral Infections

Lauric acid is a saturated fat found in coconut oil. It's known to inhibit viral production and is often used to combat a wide variety of viral infections, from the common cold, flu, swine flu and cold sores to genital herpes, genital warts due to HPV infection, and HIV.

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Homemade Garlic Antibiotic Ointment

Homemade Garlic Antibiotic Ointment successfully treats: Blisters, fungal infections of the skin, neuralgia, rheumatism, insect bites, cysts, scabies, deafness rheumatism, abscesses cold (no inflammation) tumors white, athlete’s foot, corns, cracked heels, all kinds of warts, tumors, genital herpes, external hemorrhoids insect bites, cuts, infected wounds and the list can go on.