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iPhone Geiger Counter

Concerned or curious about radiation leaks? This small, portable, lightweight Geiger counter works with a free downloadable app for your iPhone to precisely measure beta and gamma rays from microsieverts per hour.

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Homemade Geiger Counter

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"Uranium Rush" ~ Your 'Geiger Counter' lights and buzzes your way to fun and fortune! ~ Nuclear Hazmat Suit and realist cumulative 'Rad Badge' included for glow in the dark family batteries needed - comes with it's own self-powered mini atom smasher! ~ 1955 board game for 'time limited' radioactive family fun! Parental supervision encouraged.

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Swell! Listen to Jerry Lee Lewis and keep a check on nuclear fallout at the same time with the Sylvania Model U-235 Radio-GM Combo (ca. 1955-1960)

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