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21 Cool Tips To Steampunk Your Home

Steampunk Your Home- Gears -

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Hands Free Gear Clock! - $99.95 #gear #clock #mancave

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21 Cool Tips To Steampunk Your Home

I love this room for some reason. I don't really like the gears, but I like the simplicity of the bed, the tall lamp, and "blank" wall space (even though it's not really blank... just use your imagination). I also like the tall ceilings and the sunlight.

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anyone else bored with regular lame ass clocks....then check out

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Wooden Gear Clock Plans from Hawaii by Clayton Boyer. These are the best. I'll make one of these soon

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Gears of Time Wall Clock

Clock Gears | ... time we at geekalerts are drawn to clocks with exposed gears some bing image

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