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The 17 equations that changed the course of history

Stewart 17 Equations Gauss' Law Corrected - In 2013, mathematician and science author Ian Stewart published a book on 17 Equations That Changed The World. We recently came across this convenient table on Dr. Paul Coxon's twitter account by mathematics tutor and blogger Larry Phillips that summarizes the equations. (Our explanation of each is below):

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Fetching minimalist prints honor mathematicians and their contributions

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The 17 equations that changed the course of history

The 17 Equations That Changed The Course Of History Read more:

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In this lecture, Professor Leonard Susskind of the Stanford University Physic's Department discusses dark energy, the tendency of it to tear atoms apart, and Gauss's Law. Einstein's Theory (PHY 27) discusses the different applications of Einstein's Theory of Relativity in particle physics, including Newtonian, Galilean, and Guassian laws; p...

Gauss Law: Gauss Law can be used to define the electric charge distribution on the closed surface with the volume V. Let us study more about this Gauss Law in this section.

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