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coffee ground emesis (vomit) = perforated peptic or duodenal CA Bloody diarrhea = ulcerative colitis Bright red blood = rectal fissures, hemorrhoids, colorectal CA Melena, black, tarry stool = large quantities of blood in stool, odor bc of blood, black bc digestive acids in bowel oxidize RBCs


Mistakes in upper gastrointestinal bleeding and how to avoid them Discover more about the mos...

Xarelto Lawsuits Continue As FDA Approved Label Changes Add More Side-Effects, Reports Wright & Schulte LLC

This page (the internet address below) is a good example of what's on this website. Lots of Nrsg Dx, and interventions and general information about health conditions. Nursing Diagnosis for GIl Diseases/ Disorders | Nursing Crib


Anatomy of the Colon (large intestines). The color scheme helps to clarify the divisions of the large intestines.


Evaluation of Occult Gastrointestinal Bleeding - American Family Physician