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Calf Raise - Strengthening Exercise

Follow these steps on how to safely perform the calf raise or gastrocnemius muscle strengthening exercise.

Here's Everything You Need To Know To Actually Put On Muscle

There are a number of ways weight loss can benefit the health of your heart. First and probably foremost, it lowers your BMI (body mass index). You can calculate your BMI by taking your weight in pounds and dividing it by your height in inches squared....


Are Tight Calf Muscles Causing Your Low Back Pain? Tricep surae tightness is often the hidden cause of low back pain (Janda 1987; Janda, Frank, and Liebenson 2007). Read more here...


Detailed explanation of pulled calf muscles. Guide to know its causes, classification and grading, symptoms and treatment options including exercise of pulled calf muscles.


Right thigh muscles: 1 Tibialis anterior; 2 Pes anserinus; 3 Patellar ligament; 4 Patella; 5 Vastus medialis; 6 Rectus femoris; 7 Adductor longus; 8 Sartorius; 9 Pubic symphysis; 10 Obturator internus; 11 Psoas major; 12 Psoas minor; 13 Anterior superior iliac spine; 14 Iliac crest; 15 Vertebral body [LV]; 16 Iliacus; 17 Promontory; 18 Sacrum [sacral vertebrae SI-SV]; 19 Piriformis; 20 Gluteus maximus; 21 Adductor magnus; 22 Semitendinosus; 23 Semimembranosus; 24 Gracilis; 25 Gastrocnemius


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As an athlete (Yes! YOU are an athlete!) it is wise to know how your body works and what does what. And I totally get in to this stuff :)