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Trump has financial ties to gas pipeline through Dakota land. And we expect justice?

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Early Tuesday evening, a gas pipeline ruptured near Kansas City, provoking a large fire. This latest leak further highlights the hazards pipelines present to the environment and public.

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No Dakota access pipeline. The reality around this situation is so fucked up: media blackout, politicians turning a blind eye (aside from Stein), police spraying peaceful protestors with gas and threatening them with riot gear. Water is life. Period.

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Two Hunters Discovered A Gas Pipeline Leak On State Land | #NoDapl Archives -- YouTube -- I realize that this is a gas leak and the dispute in North Dakota is about crude oil but this video still shows that these pipelines are nowhere near as safe as Big Oil would have us believe!

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Bayou Frack-Out: The Massive Oil and Gas Disaster You've Never Heard Of: For residents in Assumption Parish, the boiling, gas-belching bayou, with its expanding toxic sinkhole and quaking earth is no longer a mystery; but there is little comfort in knowing the source of the little-known event that has forced them out of their homes.

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Landowners have legitimate concerns and native American's have legitimate concerns that should be addressed, what legitimatecy do the rest of these assholes have?

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Why Stopping the Dakota Access Pipeline Is Important—And How to Help

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A gas pipeline explosion in Alabama evidences exactly why so many oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline 1,400 miles away.

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