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BEST comparison electric vs gas in easy to follow table.

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Wind Beat Natural Gas As America's Fastest-Growing Power Source In 2012

2012: Installed Wind, Coal & Natural Gas Comparison (ferc 2012 power chart)

What type of stove should you buy? Here is a gas vs electric comparison guide to help you decide.


Georgia natural gas price and rates comparison for home or business. Compare regulated and deregulated energy rates and save money

The MCG (McCombs Global Connection) tour to China will help me explore the Oil & Gas industry in China, which bears many similarities to that in India with three state owned firms dominating the market. I would be able to glean emergent trends in the Chinese industry and study the energy policy strategies being followed in China and draw comparisons

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Living on A Stipend, Part I: AmeriCorps and City Year


States of Matter for younger students - could use this format for any 3-way comparison (consumers)