Tonite, I will dream of Gary and Red fighting over me <3

Green: if you wanna see hot pokemon boys: pokemon special fanart!

pokemon lab work umbreon Professor Oak gary oak professor green oak

Professor Gary Oak and his Umbreon

Gary Oak and Umbreon ^.^ ♡ I give good credit to whoever made this

Umbreon and Gary/Green Oak

Ash Ketchum and Gary Oak as Pikachu and Umbreon                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Pokémon - Gary and Ash

Gary Oak.

Remember You (Gary Oak X Reader) (Seq. to SWM)

I Choose You, Pidgeot Gary Oak, Pidgeot, and Eevee

Pidgeot and eevee and green!

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I have such a big crush on Green.I told you nothing. :D

Look at Gary and his Eeeve...too cute

Green playing with his little cutie Eevee!

Gary, all grown up and no longer a turd bucket.

Professor Gary Oak walking in his grandfather's footsteps? With Eevee <<< ITS BILL! :D The guy who made the pc storage system

Pokemon - Gary - first person ever in your childhood that you just loved to hate

Don't Need a Stinkin' Raticate

Gary Oak/Blue Oak/Green Oak and Pidgeot.