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Gary Johnson Platform

Progressive ex-democrats should vote for Jill Stein and rational ex-republicans should vote for Gary Johnson. They have no real chance but we need to show the corrupt party establishment that 3rd party candidates ARE a viable option and must be included in the debates & ballots in all 50 states! You don't have to settle for a Neo-Fascist or a Neo-Liberal!

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Betsey Johnson heels

Sale!!! Betsey Johnson heels Black and gray animal print, open/peep toe, heels in excellent condition. Worn once for homecoming dance. Small platform. 5 inch heel. Does not have box Betsey Johnson Shoes Heels

I voted for Bernie, so thanks so much DNC for rigging the vote in Hillary's favor. If you hadn't, there would now be a clear cut choice between good vs. evil, i.e., Bernie vs Trump. Instead, we are stuck with questionable mediocrity of Clinton vs the unquestionable idiocy & madness of Trump. Four years of either Clinton or Trump means war, scandal and maybe impeachment. Four years of Sanders would have meant relief

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BJ Gray Platform Boots

BJ Gray Platform Boots OMG! These are must have for Fall & Winter. 🍂❄️ Gray w/ green detail & brown "wooden" like platform. They are comfy & have great grip. They have only been worn twice & show minimal wear from storage. Inside is in great condition. They're are some scratches on the "wooden" part & a few scratches on the gray part; as shown in the 4th picture. Heel 5" & platform 1.5". Feel free to ask any questions. All offers must be submitted through offer button only. Thank you for…

The Libertarian Party is for all who don't want to push other people around and don't want to be pushed around themselves. Live and let live is the Libertarian way.