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These two brave Delta Force Snipers volunteered to be inserted at the BlackHawk crash site in Mogadishu in an attempt to save the pilot, Michael Durant. They knew that it was very likely that they would not survive. Durant was captured but later released. Master Sergeant Gary Gordon and Sergeant First Class Randall Shughart were killed in action. These are true American heroes.


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Master Sergeant Gary Gordon and Sergeant First Class Randall Shugart were posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for their actions in the Battle of Mogadishu ("Blackhawk Down"). Gordon and Shugart volunteered to protect four other soldiers critically wounded in a helicopter crash, despite being well aware of a growing number of enemy personnel closing in on the site.


04 Oct 1914 --- Lady Duff-Gordon, Titanic Survivor, and clothing designer known as Lucille --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS


..."Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for his friends." Shughart and Gordon KIA Somalia - October, 1993 Never forget


Monday October 3, 2011 marks the 18th Anniversary of the Battle of Mogadishu or commonly known as BLACK HAWK DOWNStand at attention and salute; a special salute to SF Delta SFC. Randy Shughart and MSG Gary Gordon, who earned the Medal of Honor for saving the life of Michael Durant.


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Supervisor of Elections Leslie Swan and Supervisor of Elections worker Gary Gordon prepare for polling location ballots to arrive